Ministry of Energy has got Five Departments as follows

Electricity Department

The purpose of the Electricity Department is to promote, support and monitor electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Provision of electricity, economic and engineering services.

The Department has three divisions and two sections namely:

  1. Generation and Independent Power Production Division
  2. Transmission and Distribution Division
  3. Off-Grid Division
  4. Rural Electrification Division
  5. Generation Section
  6. Independent Power Producers Section

The functions of this Department are as follows:

  1. Provision of Electrification services
  2. Provision of Economic services
  3. The provision of engineering services

Liquid Fuel and Gases Department

The purpose of liquid fuels and gas Department is to promote and support production, distribution and utilization of liquid fuels and gas. The Department has two divisions namely:

  1. Liquid Fuels Division
  2. Gas Division

The functions of this department are as follows:

  1. Promotion, coordination and support in sustainable utilization of liquid fuels.
  2. Promotion, coordination and support of sustainable utilization of gas.

Administration Department

The Department provides strategic support to all functional areas to meet the legislative mandate and the requirements of corporate governance. Specifically, it focuses on asset and fleet management, cleaning and security services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), records and supplies management. The department has three sections as follows;

  1. Office Services Section
  2. ICT Section
  3. Supplies Section

The functions for the department are as follows;

  1. The provision of office services
  2. The provision of ICT services
  3. The management of supplies

Finance Department

The purpose of finance department is to manage and account for financial resources and assets with the following functions;

  1. Provision of financial accounting services to be responsible for management and accounting for revenue and projects finances; expenditure accounts; and processing and administration of salaries.
  2. The provision of management accounting services to be responsible for the analysis of financial and expenditure trends and production of management accounts, reports on performance of the Ministry including coordinating budget planning and monitoring.

Planning Services Department

The purpose of planning department is coordinating policy development, corporate planning and advising the Ministry on short, medium- and long-term development objectives. It is also responsible for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of all energy policies, programs and strategies.  Planning department has the following sections;

  1. Policy and Planning Section
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation Section
  3. Data Management Section

The functions of the department are as follows;

  1. Coordination of policy and corporate planning services
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of energy policies, strategies, programs and budget.
  3. Management of the Ministry data bank.

Ministry of Energy has got the following Divisions:

Research and Development Division

The purpose of research and development division is to initiate, coordinate and support research and development on energy services. The Division has the following sections;

  1. Research and Development Section
  2. Demand Side Management Section

The following are the functions of this division:

  1. Coordination and conducting of feasibility studies
  2. Development, dissemination and monitoring implementation of new energy technologies.
  3. Conducting due diligence studies.
  4. Promotion, coordination and support implementation of demand side management actions.

Human Resource Management and Development Division

The division coordinates and monitors implementation and review of leading-edge human resource policies designed to enhance organizational performance and effectiveness. It ensures the Ministry attracts, develops and retains appropriate, sufficient and skilled human capital for the efficient and effective delivery of services. The division has two sections as follows;

  1. Human Resource Management Sections
  2. Human Resource Planning and Development Sections

The functions of the Division are as follows:

  1. The management of human resource development
  2. The interpretation and execution of conditions of service
  3. The management of terminal benefits and death gratuities
  4. The maintenance of staff records
  5. The management of Establishment of the Ministry
  6. The management of payroll
  7. The management of grievances and disciplinary issues

Ministry of Energy has got the following Sections:

Procurement Section

The section is responsible for procurement of goods, works and services in response to internal needs of all departments.

The following are the functions of the section

  1. The procurement of goods
  2. The procurement of works
  3. The procurement of services.

Internal Audit Section

The section is an independent and essential management tool that serves as a ‘watchdog’ for prudent use of resources including monitoring the efficacy of systems, processes and general controls. It is responsible for examining financial transactions; checking accounting systems and management of material resources to ensure that they are in tandem with the government laid down Policies, procedures and regulations. It also advises Management on possible risks and their mitigation. The section also investigates fraud and waste cases.

The functions of the Unit are as follows;

  1. The appraisal of financial controls, efficacy of systems, procedures and processes.
  2. The profiling and monitoring organization risks and uncertainties.