The construction of Tedzani IV hydro power plant is expected to add 18.5MW to the generation capacity. The project is funded by a Japanese Government grant through JICA amounting to USD52 Million and a counterpart funding amounting USD4.1 million from the Government of Malawi through EGENCO. The appointed contractor is Mitsubishi, a Japanese company who further sub-contracted Chalice Energy, a Turkish company with Japanese shareholding.

The power plant is expected to be commissioned by December 2021 and Construction works commenced on 11th June, 2019 and the Plant is expected to generate 18.5 MW upon commissioning. Contractually, the Plant is supposed to be commissioned in October, 2021 but currently, construction works are already at about 70%, with the construction of the tunnel, penstock and powerhouse nearing completion.

More information of the project can be accessed on http://www.egenco.mw/projects.php?slug=implement-tedzani-iv-power-plant